Chinese Food

Create a Restaurant Ordering System for a Chinese Food Orders

With the ongoing global pandemic (COVID), there has been a shift in the customer dining patterns, with people ordering food from the comfort of their home and taking advantage of online ordering systems, using a third-party delivery system. Our applications allow you to cut out the middlemen and negotiate directly with your customers. Our Chinese Online Ordering System will enable you to process the order directly from the customers.

tastie. technology provides business with a mobile-friendly online ordering system for restaurants processing Chinese orders and takeaways. It offers them an easy-to-use interface that allows their customer to place the order online.

With our sophisticated but easy to use system, your customer’s data are safe and belong to you, allowing you to carry out your marketing campaign that will drive up your sales.

The key Benefits of our applications are as follows:

  • Eradicate third part delivery system
  • Commission-free system so that you can increase your profit margin
  • Retain information of every customer
  • You directly receive the payment
  • With customer information, you can easily do email marketing
  • Encrypted Secure online payments
  • Works with takeaway & delivery operations

One thing to note about our software is that it offers speed, security and on-demand customization as per the restaurant owner’s needs. Out system allows you to stay competitive and ahead of all your competitions. Our systems equip your business with the best technology to beat out your competitors.