Indian Food System

Why Choose our Application and how it will drive up your profits?

Are you a restaurant owner looking to improve your business? Our applications allow restaurant owners to come online at no cost. Get your Free Food Ordering System now with tastie. In India, people are foodie, and this pandemic has given every restaurant a golden opportunity to use Indian Online Ordering System to deliver food directly to them.

Complete Online Solution

Our Online Ordering Solution Enables You to take orders via Your own Site, Your Own Mobile App, with the comfort of your shop.

Win- Win Business Model with complete online support

From Quick Installation to Instant Order Notifications, Dynamic Pricing, Immediate Payment, our software keeps you covered.

Our applications comes with an Innovative food ordering system that is available on iPhone and Android. Our applications allow customers to view your entire offering. This app takes customers virtually to the Restaurant, also allows them to share their experience by means of review and rating.

Food ordering Apps have gained the popularity especially during the lockdown. It is simply remarkable the way you can just think your favorite food, order it online with food ordering programs, and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Cooking everyday can become extremely boring and that is the time our software will help you to take orders from those customers thus serving them and improving your overall profit.