Pizza Ordering System

Pizza Online Ordering System makes it possible to place orders via a site or mobile app for your restaurant. It offers additional functions designed for tackling the order. The customer has the option to customize toppings and purchase different ingredients for each pizza.

Online pizza ordering system is something that many pizza shops owners want, and chances are there if you are an owner, you probably wonder about having one. You can now easily incorporate an online ordering system in your pizza business with tastie. Our online pizza ordering software is customizable that you and your customer can access from anywhere via mobile or computer.

Features that will improve your conversion rate for your online pizza ordering business, some of the features that we offer are as follows:

  • Our software allows your customer to choose what toppings on their pizza they want to order.
  • Gives the end buyer the flexibility to select the variant based on size such as small or medium or large.
  • You can use the unlimited ingredient type displayed on the customer screen from which they can choose.
  • Our applications give you the flexibility to change the order dynamically to place your order easily.

Benefits of online pizza ordering system:

  • It improves sales
  • You can customize each category you offer
  • You can also give the customer an option for Add-on and topping recommendations
  • Also, you can recommend new offering to your customers